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Innalhamdulillah,khidmat kpd pelajar samada yg berada dlm kemahiran kejuruteraan(mekanikal,elektrikal,electronic,mekatronik dsb.) @pelajar agama yg sedia membantu menyemak proposal, report dn mmberi cadangan kpd projek tahun akhir(FYP) atau masalah pembelajaran anda secara percuma. semoga usaha anda dimudahkan utk menamatkan pengajian dn anda dpt berkhidmat serta berjuang di jalan Allah S.W.T.hubungi sy di YM;ghostrider_mujahid.JazakaAllahu Khair.
Laws Pertaining to the Moustache
Monday, October 4, 2010

Masa'lah: Fine clipping of the moustache is sunnat for a civilian (i.e. a non-Mujahid). It is reported in a Hadith: - "The one who does not clip his moustache is not of us." (Tirmizi, Nasaie). Imam Tirmizi relates on the authority of Hadhrat Ibne Abbas (RA) that the Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam used to trim his moustache.

Masa'lah: Evening out the surface of the moustache without actually thinning it whilst clipping strands of hair appearing on the lower end of the moustache directly above the mouth with a scissors etc - resulting in the exposure of the reddish area of the lip - is also proper. However, very fine clipping falls within the sunnat practice. It is stated in Fatawa alamgiri: - "It is commendable to cut the moustache very fine." Allamah ibne Hajar (RA) states in his commentary of Shamail: - "According to Imam Abu Hanifa (RA) and his two most eminent and outstanding pupils (RA), instead of mere clipping, it is most desirable to cut or clip the moustache very finely." It is reported that Imam Ahmad (RA) was in the habit of trimming his moustache very finely.

NOTE: Religious books are replete with stern warnings and denunciations regarding growing of long moustaches in simulation of Hindus and non-Muslims. It is reported in one Hadith that Allah will command all the people to prostrate on the day of judgment. The long - moustaches ones of this world will not be in a position to prostrate since their moustaches will become like iron rods. (Khazanatur Riwayat). It is reported in another Hadith: - "The one who sports a long moustache will be deprived of my intercession and Haudhe - Kauthar (a pond in Jannat from which the believers will drink at the hands of the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam. Munkar and Nakeer (the two angels who question the dead) will be assigned to him with extreme wrath and indignation." Nowadays, shaving the beard and lengthening the moustache is a peculiar and distinguished custom of the Hindus and non-Muslims. And strict opposition to the trends, behavior, patterns and dresses of the non-Muslims have been rigidly enforced by Shariah. Henceforth, it is incumbent upon Muslims to assume the appearance of faithful Muslims and remain distinct from others.

Masa'lah: Mujahideen (Muslim warriors) are permitted to lengthen their moustaches in Darul Harb (a non-Muslim country where war is waged). According to Fatawa Hammadiyyah, it is commendable in Darul Harb for a warrior to lengthen his moustache with the sole purpose of instilling awe and terror within the ranks of the enemy. It is reported that Hadhrat Khalid (RA) used to grow his moustache longer than normal with the same object in mind.

Masa'lah: It is permissible to abstain from clipping the two extreme ends of the moustache. Shaikh Muhaddith Dehlawi (RA) states in his commentary of Mishkat: "There is no problem in leaving the two corners of the lips (moustache) intact." Numerous authentic Ulama of contemporary times also practice this i.e the extreme ends are left intact whilst the moustache itself is clipped to a fine texture.

Masa'lah: During wudhu, water not reaching below the moustache of a mujahid will not affect the validity of the wudhu. However ghusl in this case will not be valid (Khazanatur Riwayat).

Masa'il of the Hairs
by Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi Rahmatullah Alaihi
posted by Abdullah_m.e. @ 3:30 AM  
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