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Innalhamdulillah,khidmat kpd pelajar samada yg berada dlm kemahiran kejuruteraan(mekanikal,elektrikal,electronic,mekatronik dsb.) @pelajar agama yg sedia membantu menyemak proposal, report dn mmberi cadangan kpd projek tahun akhir(FYP) atau masalah pembelajaran anda secara percuma. semoga usaha anda dimudahkan utk menamatkan pengajian dn anda dpt berkhidmat serta berjuang di jalan Allah S.W.T.hubungi sy di YM;ghostrider_mujahid.JazakaAllahu Khair.
The car and the Quran
Sunday, September 19, 2010


A young man was getting ready to graduate college………

For many months he had amired a beautiful sedan car in a dealer`s showroom,and knowing his father could well afford it,he told him that what all he wanted…

As graduation Day approached,the young man waited signs that his father had purchases the car.

Finally,on the morning of his graduation his father called him into his private study His father told him how proud he was to have a such fine son,and told him how much he loved him,he handed his son a beautiful wrapped gift box…

Curious,bit somewhat disappointed,the young man opened the box and found a lovely,leather-bound Quran..

Angrily,he raised his voice at his father and said,”with all your money you give me a Quran?”and stormed out of the house,leaving the holy book.

Many years passed and the young man was very successful in business.He had a beautiful home and wonderful family,but realized his father was very old,and thought perhaps he should go to him.He had not seen him since that graduation day.

Before he could make arrangements,he received a called from the village telling him his father had passed away,and willed of his possessions to his son.He needed to come home immediately and take care things.

When he arrived at his Father`s house,sudden sadness and regret filled his heart.He began to search his father important papers and saw the still new Quran,just as he had left it years ago.

With tears,he opened the Quran and began to turn the pages.As he read those words,a car key dropped from an enveloped taped behind the Quran.

It had a tag with the dealer`s name,the same dealer who had the sedan car he desired.On the tag was the date of his graduation,and the words…PAID IN FULL…

How many times do we miss ALLAH`S blessings because they are not packaged as we expected?..
posted by Abdullah_m.e. @ 6:14 PM  
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