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Innalhamdulillah,khidmat kpd pelajar samada yg berada dlm kemahiran kejuruteraan(mekanikal,elektrikal,electronic,mekatronik dsb.) @pelajar agama yg sedia membantu menyemak proposal, report dn mmberi cadangan kpd projek tahun akhir(FYP) atau masalah pembelajaran anda secara percuma. semoga usaha anda dimudahkan utk menamatkan pengajian dn anda dpt berkhidmat serta berjuang di jalan Allah S.W.T.hubungi sy di YM;ghostrider_mujahid.JazakaAllahu Khair.
Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hadhrat Sohaib (R.Anhu) coming into islam.

Hadhrat Sohaiab and Hadhrat Ammar (R.Anhuma) became muslim at the same time.The prophet (S.A.W) was staying at Arqam`s (R.Anhu) place,when they both came separatelywith the same intention of embracing islam and met each other at the door of the house..Sohaib (R.Anhu) also suffred very much at the hand of his persecutors,like other ppor muslim at that time.At last he decided to emigrate to madinah.The Quraisy. Would not tolerate this and, soon after his departure, a party went in pursuit to bring him back to Mecca.As th party drew near, he shouted to them:

“you know that i am a better archer than al of you. So long as i have a single arrow left with me, you will not be able to approach me and, when i finish al y arrows, i shall fight you with my sword, as long as it is i my hand. If you like you can get y money which i have left in mecca and my 2 women slaves, in lieu of me.”

And they agreed. He told them the whereabouts of his money,and they allowed them him to proceed to madinah. At this, Allah revealed the following verse of the quran to the prophet (S.A.W):

“and of mankind is he who would sell himself, seeking the pleasure of Allah, and Allah has compassion on his bondsmen.”
The prophet (S.A.W) was at that time at Quba.When he saw Hadhrat Sohaib R.Anhu coming,he remarked:

“A good bargain,Sohaib!”

Sohaib R.Anhu narrates:
The prophets S.A.W ws eating dates at that time. I also joined hi in eating. One of my eyes was sore.”He said,”Sohaib! You are taking dates when your eyes is sore.”but i am taking the by the side of the other eye,which is not sore.O,prophet of Allah.:i replied.The Prophet (S.A.W) was much amused with y retort.”
Hadhrat Sohaib (R.Anhu) was very generous and he spent his money on others most lavishly.`Umar (R.Anhu) once told him that he was rather extravagant.He replied:
“but i spend only where is right.”
When Hadhrat Umar (R.Anhu) was about to die, he expressed the the wish that his funeral service be led by Hadhrat Sohaib R.Anhu.

Reference from:

Stories of the sahabah
by Shahikul Hadith Maulana Muhammad Zakariyya Rah.Alaih

Poor servant to rich Allah S.W.T
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